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Free Open Source Game Engines

Post by Calie on Fri Jun 17, 2011 3:28 am

I did not create this list and I do not remember who did. If someone knows who created it, please let me know so proper credit can be given for their hard work.

I have not had a chance to go through these programs to find out if they are still around and what the url's may be. The person who created the list did not provide url's, so I will see what I can do to hunt them down, while verifying these programs still exist.

These game engines are free software:

Agar (engine) – A high-level graphical application framework used by 2D and 3D computer games
Allegro library – A free crossplatform C/C++ game programming
library, provides functions for graphics, sounds, input, timers, fixed
and floating point, 3d, compressed datafile and a GUI.
Axiom Engine – A fork containing the core of the OGRE graphics engine written in C#
Game Blender – flexible node based game logic engine blender 3d
Boom – A port of the Doom source code by TeamTNT
Brick engine – A simple cross-platform 2D engine, intended for 8-bit-style games
Cadabra 3D - A Brazilian LGPL 3D game engine
Catmother – A BSD-licensed engine from a company that open-sourced its code when it closed the business.
CheapHack – An outdated TomazQuake derived engine
ClanLib – A free cross-platform (including Mac OS X), object-oriented C++ game programming library.
Crystal Entity Layer – An extension of the Crystal Space 3D Engine
Crystal Space – A general framework for developing 3D applications
Cube – Powers the computer game of the same name
DarkPlaces – One of the most advanced free software Quake engines
Delta3d – Integrates other well-known free software projects into an easy-to-use API, originally developed by the U.S. Navy
Doom engine – The now free software engine originally used for the hugely popular Doom and Doom II
DXFramework – A simple, pedagogical 2D/3D DirectX-based game engine for Visual Studio
Epee Engine – Is a 2D graphics engine with beginning programmers in mind
Eternity Engine – A source port of the Doom engine
Exult – A free software reimplementation of the Ultima VII game engine
FIFE – A free software 2D isometric CRPG engine supporting the assets of Fallout 1 & 2.
Freely Available Networked Game Engine - a 2D Java networked game engine
GQ – A Quake engine that adds features from TomazQuake and DarkPlaces
GZDoom – A source port of the Doom engine based on ZDoom
GemRB – A free software implementation of the Infinity Engine
Genesis3D – A real-time 3D engine for Windows
Genesis Device Is a powerful LGPL engine
Horde3D – A lightweight next-generation graphics engine
id Tech 2 – Formerly known as the Quake II engine, the original open-source engine from id Software
id Tech 3 – Formerly known as the Quake III engine, the original open-source engine from id Software
ioquake3 – A cleaned-up, bugfixed and updated fork of the original id Tech 3 engine
Irrlicht Engine – A cross-platform and lightweight three dimensional graphics engine.
jMonkeyEngine – An open-source, BSD licensed Java scenegraph engine.
JGame - An open-source, BSD licensed 2D Java game engine, support mobile devices and desktop application.
Joge – Is a platform to develop 2D game in Java.
Jogre – A Java based client/server game engine and API for online real time games such as chess, checkers, etc.
KallistiOS – A free, BSD licensed development library for the Sega Dreamcast, by Dan Potter.
KonsolScript – opensource cross-platform 2D game engine plus scripting capability, by MJ Mendoza IV.
Libsmog – opensource, C++, massively multi-player, script-able, real-time 3D game engine.
Lightfeather 3D Engine - A cross-platform, zlib licensed, real-time 3D graphics engine.
Nebula Device – A realtime 3D game engine developed by German game studio Radon Labs.
OctLight – A Java game engine that uses scene-graph and renders on top of Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) using OpenGL
Open Game Engine is an open source library combining the components used to make games.
OGRE Engine – A very popular object-oriented graphics rendering engine. Also called OGRE3D
PLIB – A game engine – includes 3D, Audio, Music, GUI, Window manager and is portable Linux/Windows/Mac OS X.
ProQuake – A modified Quake engine
PySoy - Multi-threaded 3d game engine for Python, freely licensed under the GPLv3 for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
Reality Factory - An open-source engine built off of Genesis3D.
RealmForge – An open-source game engine for the Microsoft .NET Framework, predecessor to Visual3D.NET
Retribution Engine – A game engine to make first person shooter games
Sauerbraten – A upgraded engine forked from the Cube engine
southatlantic – Open Source 2D java game engine (applets and applications).
Soya 3D – Object oriented "high level" 3D engine for Python.
Stratagus – A cross-platform real time strategy game engine
Sylphis3D – Game engine with unified lighting and shadowing, physics and fully python scripted!
Telejano – A modified Quake engine
Tenebrae – One of many Quake engine clones
vbGORE – Open source MMORPG engine in Visual Basic 6.
Elysium Diamond – Another open source MMORPG engine made with Visual Basic 6.
Verge RPG engine - A BSD-licensed open source game engine that uses a C-like scripting language called, VergeC.
Victory Engine - A Java-based 2D game engine, designed with flexibility in mind.

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