NOW CLOSED Hybrid Alien Highbrow Alliance ?????

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NOW CLOSED Hybrid Alien Highbrow Alliance ????? Empty NOW CLOSED Hybrid Alien Highbrow Alliance ?????

Post by Calie on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:08 pm

Quite some time ago a friend and I were joking around about forming our own special group based on what we were like and the types of conversations we had. My friend I often describe as a walking, talking, encyclopedia who sounds like a dictionary when she talks and if she could climb into a computer to live...she would. She is a very intelligent person, the things she knows would amaze you. I use to call her an alien or half alien due to something were just out of this world about her, like the fact she can take gold and rub it on her skin and the skin turns black, that is how she knows if something is real gold or Due to all the conversations we had my vocabulary improved greatly. My mother would always know when I got off the phone with her and when I asked how she knew, she said it was because I was using big We started joking about how she was rubbing off on me and I was now a half alien.
A few years later we were sharing a place and we both would go to forums and chat on MSN before it turned to crap. We thought about creating our own group and were trying to come up with names. I came up with Progressive Thinkers Club, due to the level of intelligence of the conversations we would have and she came up with Hybrid Alien Highbrow Alliance...HAHA for The idea stuck but never got off the ground. I would jokingly state I was going to get T-Shirts made with the HAHA logo and a spaceship complete with Alien printed on it. I still plan to do that, would shock the hell out of her to get that shirt for her birthday or
Anyhow, the conversations we would have pretty much covered everything to do with the law, politics, education, men?, children and the space time continuum. We would talk for hours, in person or on the phone. She was the one who got me started on researching the Wiccan belief system. Now here I am years later and I figured what the hell, why not create a group as intended. The one difference is that you do not need to be a genius to be in this group, I am not a genius and tend to speak more in theory then in actual fact, though many of my theories can usually be supported by facts. Everyone is intelligent about something or several somethings, in one way or another...And thus Hybrid Alien Highbrow Alliance has been created.
Feel free to join the group and participate in the topics, we only have a few members at the moment, yet once it really gets going I believe there can be some great conversations. You do need to register at these places due to the fact many topics could cause quite a stir with some people on the internet, particularly those looking for a fight. My friend who came up with the name is on the Facebook version.

Warning: There will be content some people might find offensive, such as language and certain topics.


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