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Post by Calie on Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:09 pm

Time limited freebies is just that. Freebies offered for a set amount of time after which they are no longer free or possibly even available any more. Make sure you check the information reguarding the time limited offer, as in some cases you have to follow a certain criteria. An example of this is GiveAwayOfTheDay, as you only have that day to download said item and install it before the clock runs out on it, thus allowing you to have it for free for one year. Others are not so constrained, such as Renderosity which allows you to have a whole month to download their freebie and you can install anytime even after the month has passed. I will do my best to give all available information about time limited freebies posted here to help out with this.

That said, have fun hunting these freebies and getting the most use out of them.

Thank You...Management...Calie

Give Away of the Day is a site that gives you a freebie for that day only, you have the free use of it for 1 year, though it must be downloaded that day they offer it and installed that same day, or you lose the freebie.

This forum site does not like the giveaway site so to use it just remove the spaces...enjoy.

http://www.give away of the

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