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Post by Calie on Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:04 pm

Adobe has decided to no longer support CSs2, but since so many still had it, they set up a page where owners could re-download but with a new serial they provide on the page. It ended up being a free download for everyone and even though they know this, they kept the page as is. This is a big download of several files. The main one's will be under the title Creative Suite 2 and either win or mac depending on your computer. The rest of the downloads are addon's and other software you can use with CS2. The CS2 program alone will fill up a dvd disk if you decide to burn it, all the downloads will add up to about 10 gigs. The serial numbers are beside the items you download and I suggest you save the page to a document in case you need to reinstall. You will need an account and be logged in to even see the page with the downloads, just hit agree when you sign in to get to it. In spite of the warnings you will see, you will get the full use of the program.


This is the Adobe site page you need to register at and return to after to log in and get to the right page.


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