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The Dreaded Rules For This Site Empty The Dreaded Rules For This Site

Post by Calie on Sun May 15, 2011 5:14 pm

I don't believe in having a long list of rules covering every known factor in existance, it makes for too much reading and most people skip it. My rules are short, simple and absolute. I trust you are intelligent and if you want further information you will ask or do your own research.

Rule #1 Siimply put, follow all copyright rules and laws regarding Art and Written Word. You do not take someoe else's work and claim it as your one likes a cheater and that's what it amounts to. If you like something artistic or written just contact said person for their rules about said item. Copy and paste must have the original person's name attached and if possible a link to the original. Doing this protects this site and yourself.

Rule #2 Any type of prejudice, racism or hate mongering is not tolerated. Everyone is entitled to the choices they make without judgement or condemnation from others. Everyone is equal no matter their race, religion, intelligence, their sex or sexual orientation.
NOTE...accidents happen and so do misunderstandings, particularly when dealing with text online as per hearing someone's voice or seeing their face, please keep this in mind when reading something and it upsets you.

Rule #3 As to pornography and art. Their is a fine line to distinguish the two and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, depending on the piece of art or written works. I will make every effort the keep all questionable art and written works to specified sections so those who wish to avoid it can do so.
NOTE...If I find any outright pornographic material, or links to such, it will be immediately deleted...consider it your only warning. A second offense will get you banned.

Those are the rules, like I said, short, siimply and only a few. Please respect the rights of the Site and it's members. These rules may or may not be added to at a later date. There is a thread for links to the various copyright laws as well as any updates they have over time.

Thank You...Management...Calie

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