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Paint Shop Pro Older Versions Empty Paint Shop Pro Older Versions

Post by Calie on Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:41 am

Depending on the machine you are using and the OS you have on it, you may not be able to use the most current version of Paint Shop Pro, as such, I have found a site that has the older versions available for download. Now this is not an illegal site, although you can download the program, you still have to register it and have a serial code from the Corel site.

The except to the serial code is version 7 & 8, as both are evaluation versions you can download from the Corel site, with the expectation that you will remove the program after your 30 day trial. They will still work if you don't remove them and they are the full versions of the programs.

You can find the older versions at the site listed below as well as at the Corel site itself.

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