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The Genesis Conundrum Empty The Genesis Conundrum

Post by Calie on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:12 pm

The new model for Daz, called Genesis, basically takes away the need to have multiple models and gives you just one that can morph into all of the one's we have known and loved for all these years. That does not mean you can no longer use the older models, they still work in Daz and have been updated with metadata and some with weight mapping, two things the new version now needs. All models from all sites will still work in the new Daz, so have no fear.

One advantage the new model has over the older one's...Morph Paks. See in the past you would get your models, usually free, though sometimes, like now, you have to buy them. Now in order to use all those wonderful characters created for your model, in particular the morphs, you had to have the morph paks, head and body basically, and each model had their own morph paks. If you had 5 models, you needed 5 sets of morph paks and this is where Genesis is ahead of the game.

Daz tried to simplify things with the Generation4 models, they created morphs to use on V4 and M4 to make them look like other models, instead of having to actually have the model. So you could get V4, A4, G4, and S4, the later 3 were morphs of V4 and only need the V4 morph sets and have them work on all 4 models. On the male side you had M4 as the base and then David, Hiro and the Freak, thus needing only one morph set for M4 to use on all the male models. Except the others were no longer models, but morphs of the first. All in all it saves you from having to buy multiple morphs sets, instead only really needing two, it also saved space on your hard drive and lightened the load for your program.

Now with Genesis, they have reduced your purchases and the load on your computer and program even further. In order to understand how you are saving time, space and money, you need to know what Daz use to offer. You had the popular models, Victoria, Michael, Aiko, Hiro, The Girl, the Kids, the Teens, David, Stephanie, The Freak, later they came out with She Freak. Base models, each needing their own set of morph paks. Then you had the creatures, such as Demon types, Ogre's, Elves, a whole slew of humanoid type creatures that were morphs of the original human models. Except they came with their own set of morph paks, such as Creature Morphs, Morphina, Animal type legs and feet (for the devils), claws, sharp teeth...a whole bunch of things you could add to your models, but first had to buy the other morph paks.

Enter Genesis...Now Daz4 has one model that can be male, female and child, it has a few morphs and this comes free with the program. Now you only have to buy one set of morphs paks (cheaper to buy bundles) and can turn this model into anyone, you buy two creature type morph paks (cheaper to buy the bundle) and you now have the ability to make that one model look like anything. Much cheaper then before and less bulk for the computer and program. For those who refuse to give up on the old models, you can buy a complete morph pak for the Gen4 people and one pak for the Gen3 people. You do not need to buy more clothes as the auto fit tool will make the Gen4 and other clothes fit the Genesis model, no matter which morph you are using. In the long run, this new way of doing things is cheaper and less bulky all around.

And there you have it, the evolution of Daz and their models.

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