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Post by Calie on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:07 pm

Well to start with...it's me...I am reinventing myself or perhaps more accurately I am getting back to being me. I have decided I am going to buy a van and be a bit of a gypsy for a bit, get back in touch with myself and nature and what I think and feel..what's right for me. Part of the reason for the van is that I am going to turn it into a camper and this is because I need a reliable roof over my head, since I currently live in iffy land, never knowing from one month to the next where I will live. I have had some wonderful landlords, been very lucky in that regard, however, I am tired of having landlords and want a place that is truly my own and don't need permission to do anything with and can't be evicted from or even paying the amount of rent that these days seems so expensive, along with all the other house bills that go with it, of choosing between bills and food. If I have a van, I don't need to pay rent or the other house bills that go with it. I will still need to buy gas and pay insurance, yet that would be cheaper then an apartment, etc. I can bank most my cheque and save to buy land and build a home that is mine and permanent. This extra money will also help me get my debts paid off finally.
My goal is to have a piece of land with my own home, near a water source that has fish, then I could have a garden, fish and whatever wild meat I hunt, perhaps some chickens as well, I could live off that land, with almost no bills depending on what I will be able to afford. I have been researching geothermal heat and solar power, with these things I don't need heat and electricity from the town...The end result would have me completely self sufficient and I would have something to leave my children in the long run, or they could come to live on my land in the little cottages I would like to add to the property.
I am going to write about this little adventure I am going to embark on and if you would like to follow me, then please feel free to join the site below.

This is the forum site


And this is the facebook site.


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