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Post by Calie on Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:56 am

Welcome to Calie's Corner, I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you find it useful during your adventure into Graphic Art. You will find many links in here to programs and content for 2D and 3D Graphic Art, as well as anything else associated with such. There are also links to various other things that can be associated with it or used on their own, such as for computers, music, etc. I have included links to sites that can be of help in learning about Graphic Art and other interesting things as mentioned above. You are free to post links here in the various sections for others to use, just be careful of where these links lead to if there is a connection with copyright laws, porn, etc.
I know the temptation exists to post links to content and programs for others to access and some places are stealing this content and offering it for free, when in truth it is not. If the link has to do with a torrent, it's illegal, if it comes from a place like Board4All, GFX, TOPGFX, etc., these also are illegal. There is so much free content and many free programs out there that it's not necessary to steal these things.
Other then the a fore mentioned issues, by all means post links and enjoy the one's currently available here. I have done my best to make sure the links available work, however I don't control the internet or the closing of sites. If you come across a dead link, I have created a thread to post that information there so I can take care of the problem, either by removal or finding a working link.

cheers Above All Else...Have Fun cheers

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