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Post by Calie on Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:50 pm

This site is unheard of to me, though it does sound good. Further investigation into this one would be required to see if they are right for you. According to the specs, its unlimited storage and bandwidth. Their own words will say it best. allows you to create and control your free forums in an instant using our automatic free forum creating software. Customer support and questions can be answered on our support forum. We offer the following features:

The latest phpBB3.
24/7 support via support forums.
Over 200 forum styles to choose from over 200 styles.
Thousands of avatars from Avatar Gallery to choose from.
Thousands of rank images to choose from.
Thousands of smiles to choose from.
Email notification of replies to your topics
Ability to change your forum logo.
Ability to create polls.
Ability to manage users, posts, forums, ranks, smiles.
Ability to request more templates, ranks, smiles upload.
Ability to change your forum category.
Ability to turn on/off pre-installed MODs over 200 styles.
Pre-installed Mods:
For Management: StarGate Portal with tens of useful blocks and easily to manage.
For Reliability: Backup and Restore Forum Mod.
For Forum Statistics: Top Posters, Recent Topics.
For Fun: Ajax Shoutbox allows you chat, shout with other users without waiting for page load ajax shoutbox.
For Convenience: Quick Reply allows you reply to posts without click on "Reply" button.
For Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Advanced Meta Tags, Keywords URL help your forum be indexed by search engines, your forum will be more popular, you will get more members.

you can check them out here...

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