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Post by Calie on Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:54 pm

This is not my list, I did not do the research for this information, it was done by MikeDazFan at Daz Studio.

All links checked and are active as of September 30 2011


Audacity sound file editor (freeware)
(Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

Goldwave(sound file editor, shareware I think, after awhile the program nags you to buy a copy)
(Windows 7 (64 & 32 bit) Windows Vista (64 & 32 bit) Windows XP Windows 2000 Linux with Wine)

Old versions of Goldwave

Old versions of Cool Edit Pro (versions before 2.0 are shareware, I think)

Old versions of various multimedia editors:

(Windows, Pocket PC, Mac Intel, Mac PPC, Linux)

(Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, 98, ME)

Virtual Piano

Quoting from someone on a different thread:
"Computer Music gives away a full software music studio worth of programs, plugins and instruments with every issue.
They call it the CM Studio."

Sony Acid Express (You have to spend time registering before downloading, and then register again before running the program)

Anvil studio (freeware, for editing midi files, including lyrics and scores)
(Windows 7(32-bit)/Vista(32-bit)/XP/2000/98 )
I went to the link provided by another and that site no longer exists, however, the Anvil Studio did provide the means to get this free program.
(The page or file you requested does not exist.
To download the 2011 version of Anvil Studio, try
To download the 2010 version of Anvil Studio for Windows 98, try
These sites have versions of Anvil Studio that may be up to two months older than the latest version:
Search Google for sites that have Anvil Studio available for download.
If there was another file you expected to find here, please let us know at

Macaw (complicated/advanced midi editor, sampler, synthesizer, sequencer)

Be sure to download the soundfonts which are essential to using the Macaw sampler.
Here's what a sound font is:

The demo version of FL studio (professional music editor, sampler, synthesizer, sequencer) is free:
"Demo Limitations
All FL Studio demo versions are fully featured, giving you access to features associated with the highest level of the program (Producer Edition). Compose new songs and export them to WAV, MP3 or OGG. The only limitation is that projects saved in demo mode will only open fully once FL Studio and plugins have been registered. This gives you the ability to save recover your original projects post-purchase."

Download FL studio demo
(Windows 7, Vista, XP & 2000 (32 & 64 bit))

FL Studio video tutorials on Youtube:

Midi Piano(Easy-to-use midi file player and recorder which allows you to select, or deselect, or adjust the volume, of individual tracks during playback. Keyboard keys of notes which are being played are shown colored.)


Shareware Music Machine freeware category free multimedia software and tools

Free music software

Audio Mastermind links to music and sound software, results for searchword freeware

For Mac users, links to audio shareware, freeware and demos on the Apple web site:


Audio mastermind free VST plugins

KVR audio plugin database - search page

Free VST plugins by xoxos

Free VST instruments and effects (the .zippo files seem to be just .zip files and 7-zip opens them without a problem)

Audacity plugins free VST plug-ins


Internet archive's Audio archive (free audio files, music, and more)


Free sheet music, musical scores, songbooks etc.


MIDIsite search engine for free MIDI files

Incompetech Creative Industries Royalty-Free Music

Free production music composed and recorded by Jason Shaw, released under a creative commons license

Free music by the band Umbah ("UMBAH music style is mainly industrial death-metal with some grindcore and electronic parts. Most tracks have growled vocals but some got clean voice.")

Freeplay Music (over 6500 free mp3 files)

Jewelbeat Free Music & Sound Effects

Musopen - download classical music
(5 downloads per day with free membership, but you have to pay for a membership to download more than that.)


The below links to free sound samples I have copied from:

Audience Sounds
This one get’s to be on top of the list becaus it’s mine It’s a ’studio audience’ laugh-machine. Royalty-free audience and people sounds can played and downloaded for use in your video’s, etc. It’s also fun to use it in the middle of a conversation…

Sample Swap
A collection of over 12000 free instrument samples.

A community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.

Internet Archive
Large site. Great for finding public-domain music, films, and radio shows from which to sample (but you’ll have to do the sampling yourself).

FindSounds is a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples.

Nearly 3000 free samples and loops of various instruments

Nearly 3000 free wave and mp3 samples, specializing in electronic music (techno, house, etc.)

Philharmonia Orchestra - The Sound Exchange
A large database of free orchestral instrument samples

University of Iowa - Electronic Music Studios - If it says domain not found check this url with the one's in the list to access
Several gigs of good orchestral samples

Macaulay Library
A large, impressive collection of Animal Recordings.

Zillion Sounds Collection
A collection of 5000 mp3 samples and sound effects.

Do a search for samplenet and you will get several sites with audio freebies.
A collection of a few thousand mp3 samples of instruments.

Sound Dogs
Contains many mp3 ‘previews’ of decent length. Included because of decent categorization and amount of content.

Wav Central
A collection of wave file clips from various movies, tv, and other Sound FX.

The Daily Wav
A daily updated list of clips from movies and tv.

Sound Central
Keyboard/Synth Samples. A large collection organized by manufacturer.
A collection of sample packs containing beats and melodic loops.

Some classic drum machine sample packs.

A collection of a few hundred wave instrument samples.

A nicely categorized collection of a few hundred mp3 samples of various instruments.

Free Wave Samples
Over 100 wave samples of various synthesizers.

Free Samples n’ Loops
A collection of several hundred wave sound loops and samples of various instruments.

Audio Skull
About 300 drum n bass / dj samples.

Free Sample PACKS. Not a huge collection, but looks to be quite high quality.

Absolute Sound Effects Archive
Around 2000 wav files of various sound effects.

Around 1500 free sound clips and effects.

I Love Wavs
Around 1000 Wav files of many different sound effects.

Around 1000 wav/mp3’s of various sound effects.

Tingatel Sound Archive
Around 1000 sound effects.

A1 Free Sound Effects
Nearly 1000 assorted sound FX.

Brandens Sound Effects
Around 1000 free sound FX wave files.

A few hundred sound FX samples and sample packs.

Sdmm Studio
A couple of dozen sound packs for use in movies.

A collection of about a dozen decent sample packs. Some unusual ones.

Music For Video
A few high quality sample packs

Simply The Best Sounds
A few hundred wave files of various sound FX.

Smart Loops
Access a few hundred free samples after supplying your email address.

Blue Distortion
A small amount of synthesizer samples, some more in the forum if you register.

Mean Beat
A small collection of drum samples, and bass samples

Nexus Project
A small collection of electronic samples

35 Best Websites to Download Free and Premium Sound Effects - Tripwire magazine


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