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Post by Calie on Sat May 28, 2011 4:57 pm

I did not create this list, it was done by Kerya at Daz Studio. I have checked almost all of the links below and as of June 9 2011 they were all working. There are more free hairs out there that have not yet been added to this list, if you find one not listed here, please feel free to add a post about it. I have to mention at this time that Mylochka has created some more hairs not currently listed here, so make sure you check out her site at, link provided below.


Flo Hair mark 2 English Bob and Heidi for V1, V2 or Stephanie 1 - includes fitting poses for V3, Sara (1 or 2), Pre-teen girl, Posette and Maya Doll.
Conforming hair, includes 10 textures with 50 more Textures by Wenke available as a separate download.

EnglishBob, Les Bentley and Bob1965 Flo Hair for Antonia

Le Hair by KBOC, English Bob and Heidi
Simple hair for A3, AnAn, Jessi, Judy, Maya Doll, Posette, Sara, Stephanie 1, V1, 2 and 3.

Felicity Hair by Oro_snake and English Bob
Long conforming hair for V4 - with a range of textures.

Morphs for Felicity by Salterdesign:

Oro_snake's and EnglishBob's Brenda Hair V4

Oro_snake's Queen Headdress V4

V1 V2 V3 A3 Sara the p4 female and mayadoll and anime doll.
Some of the hair does not fit all these figures and some of the hair just has hair fits for some of them.
Some of them have hair fits for SP3 and the GIRL.

Bun Hair for A3 (details are given in the readme file to adapt it to A3 realistic)
Hiro Devil's Locks
Hiro short style hair
Baby Do hair for Kit and Peapot
Free FrontTails Hair for Sadie
Boy Styled Hair for Sam
Riley Hair for Chip and Cookie
Free boy styled hair for Sam
Boy Styled Hair for Sam Adam Thwaites
Free conforming wet hair; contains one default texture, trans map and template. V3
Hair for M3
Beard for M3.
free hair for Apollo Maximus
free hair for V4
MoHawk Hair prop for V4
(Adam also has a free V4 bandana with a .psd hair layer.)
M4 Beard
Real Moustache Smart Prop for M4

Sumire & Moko hair A3*/*/
(click on Apr 30, 2006 )
Some here (that come with characters for Vicky2, PreteenVicky, and PreschoolVicky)...
Hair for Posette, Vickie, Mayadoll
"Short layered hair" MD Boy hr2

Monk Hair M4

Name: Mega hair, Sweep hair-2003, Sweep & Flick Hair
Author: Ladyfyre
Characters: V3 - P4 Woman (Posette)
Posable hair with morphs & textures. Fits for V3 & Posette.
Under Free Downloads

Mylochka / ktaylor
There are a number of hairs for V3 M3 V4 and M4 ranging from normal everyday hair and fantasy hair reminiscent of Star Trek styles. There are also textures for hair and clothes, particularly related to the aforementioned Star Trek. There are also some hairs for earlier models then the Gen3 and Gen4 series such as Posers P4 model.
Keep Checking Back ... new hairs are always being made.

The original site..registration not required
The Sharecg site and you need to be registered in order to download though not to view.
The DeviantArt site and I believe you need to be registered in order to download from there.
And finally Renderosity and you do need to be registered to view and download.
Swam and OutOfTouch's Renella Hair for V3
Flexy Hair, Wasg Hair, Jingle Bells Hair
Akashi hair fit for A3 and V3
Audry Hair fits V4 by default, Fittings for A4, A4 real + classic, A3 + real and V3 included. Comes with a bunch of textures and the mats as well.

Laques Hair / Blue Hair D3 / M3 conforming, bangs are posable, natural colors
Blue Hair comes with the M3RR Blue character, can be used on regular M3, conforming, and posable bangs. Only comes in blue color.
*Tip* Conform or Fit To the hair while figure is in Default/Zeroed pose. Due to a missing "bone", if you pose your figure first & then try to add/fit the hair, the bangs will not follow the hair base but remain in default postion.

Realmling's There are a number of hairs at this site, particularly in the Sailor Moon style, and anime. There are a few pages to check out for this.
Krazy Kurlz Toony Hair for A3
Pull Back Toony hair for A3
No texture MATs but you can apply any seamless hair texture tile.
realm of savage xmas 2006 giveaway H3/A3 simple conforming hair
Sailor Moon Hair Pack 1 Usagi & Usa Comes with Aiko Fit morph, Sailor Moon Hair 2 for V4-A4, Mars Hair V4,Pluto Hair V4A4G4
Britta sailor hair, Chibi Usa hair addon for AD and Aiko:

Yanelis' Yanet and Kine Hair V3/V4

Baybee Hair Model & Textures
for the DAZ3d Millennium Baby 3
HorseTail Hair Model & Textures
for Aiko (+Realistic), Hiro (+Realistic), Luke, Laura, Matt, Maddie, M3, MilBaby3, Steph Petite, David, Victoria3, V4 and Apollo Maximus
Jamie Hair Model & Textures
fit poses for A3, H3, D3, SP3, V3, M3
Troll Droll Hair Model & Textures
Modelled and transmapped hair prop
Plus very many updates and fits for April's for sale hairs
Harper Beanie Hair

Lelu's Oni hair for A3:

Confusius hair for ... Posette and Ultramorph...
The first four hairs have working links.
Jim Burton's Strip hair for Posette
Braids and Ponytail
Search for hair, it get's you:
Lahair for LaRoo (Traveler), HairF1V3 and HairF1V3A ( for Ichiro
Hiro4 Swirl Hair Anime style

Kalat: .hr2 hair for ... I think V1
Tifs 1 and Tifs 2

Anime style hair .hr2 by Lokai2000:

Posable Pregipessa hair V3, Conforming Pregipessa hair V3, katsaro - curly tails, wavy-tresses, Wavy tresses hair fit for V4. Neraida fairy hair V3, katsaro extensions, katsaro3 - CurlyOnTheSide, katsaro2 thicker curly hair, curly katsaro hair

LQ Revved Bob Hair V3
LQ Fabulous Length Hair V3
LQ G2Male Hair 1 G2
LQ Short Locks V3
LQ Mid Length Bob Hair V3
Keep Checking back as more are always being made.

Hair for Kururu: please check interesting links for information about how to register and navigate this site.

Zock .hr2

Alien Hair for Daz Figures
16 different feather-like textures - includes fits for M1-3, V1-3, Millenium Boys and Girl (generation 2), David, Stephanie Petite, the Freak, A3, Hiro, Luke, Laura, Matt and Maddie.
Real Alien Hair for Daz Figures
texture pack for the Alien Hair

Simple Bun Hair for V4 by Will Dupre:

hr2 for Koshini by Anniebel:

Sharkey's hr2 hairs for Poser4 people:

Tentman's Anime type long hair for Kururu:

3D Universe (registration required) Bandanna Hair (.hr2) for A4

3Dream very short Boy Hair:

mayadoll/anime doll hair:

Michy's Fantasy.SciFi type hair, tho some could be used in a more normal way, it's a good idea to always check back at this site since they are always adding new hairs.
V3OmegaStarr hair prop in obj format: SciFi style hair for Laura3. Obj prop hair and textures. DazStudio only. Braids hair for Laura3. An obj hair prop with textures. DazStudio only. V4 SpiderLocks Hair A3 DoughnutHair V4 Empress Hair Felinny hair obj V3A3R SciFiHair & Headdress A3BandedHair V4Empress Hat&Hair V4Magic BunHairA3R ProposeHat & Hair M4MexiHat & Hair M4SherrifHat & Hair V4RingHair M4PhilipoesHair M4GlamHair M4EmbassyHair M4AlienBraids V4GahGahHair V4GlacierHair V4TiedHair

ibr_remote's Anime / Manga style hair Prop

digitalista's 40th Style Hair
Posette, hr2 for P5+ No textures. Toon-render

parrotdolphin's Upside-Down Hair for Daz's V4
Conforming hair with morphs and materials room materials, bump map included

Arduino's Afro Hair for V2 (comes with the character)

niseisya Short hair and Short bob for NearMe prop hair

nucky's RIKUGAMI2 for V3

Fisty's Gnomie hair for V4/A4/Jinkie

Mint3d Caramel hair Morphing (40 morphs ) Hair prop for V4/A4/M4/H4
Classic Elegance V4/A4

Fujiko's has several oriental hairs for both men and women.

Mirabilis' FluffyHair V4

Royloo Q (ching style hair) for Mike and P4man

yukinehair V4, roninhair V4

jpeg Nearme N_LongHair

High and Tight hair figure M4
Soul Patch for M4 (Beard), Registration required

infinity10 JCMangaHair remapped versions
infinity10 Moe Hair - Visual Kei Style Anime Hair Prop

lupadgds Suzie-hair for Cookie

nekketsukyoujin's Anime Hair Set for Animedoll

Moonfire Sweetie Hair for Sadie

David Dyal
Valens hair for V4/A4
Valens Hair For A3

SickleYield's M4 Short Dreads Hair

Varsel's 18th century Wig M4

Tentman's LittleBusters Saya's hair for A4 (noncommercial use)

Akatora's Twin Tails for Decoco

LunarBerry Anihathair for AnimeDoll

Broodwich Fu Manchu Beard for M4

Bad Faerie Punk/Grunge Hair for A3 V3/4 M3/4 Hiro and Staci

Nontoxic Morphing Braid for Animedoll pp2 noncommercial

Soto's Shaved Hair for M4 & Soto's Tribal Patterns for Shaved Hair:
Soto's Vincent for Freak4 comes with hair

Chris Cox Seadog Hair
A set of non-conforming scraggly hair and bandanna figures. Includes pre-positioned for V3 and 4 and M3 and 4. Also included 3 different hair colors and 3 different bandanna textures.
Additionally, the hair can be easily hidden to allow using the bandanna by itself. Likewise, the bandanna can be hidden allowing the hair to be used with other hats.

Qraffx has several hairs they have made and will most likely going to make more.

Kira Hair
Kira Hair33 For Poser

Elleque EXP Hair for H3

FreeFashion Hat with attached Hair for Sadie and V4


d-jpp Simple Hair Pooet A pooet for A3 / SP3 / V3 & 4 / Decoco / Kururu / Britta / Bab 3 / Sara 2 / the Girl 3 (Noncommercial)

Arah's Thyla Hair for V4

machobubba's Beard 4 M3 & David 3
2. Link

DAZ free hairs:
Mitsu Hair for A3 is available for free in the Anime Star Fighter Bundle

These hairs are definately worth checking out.
Sandra Hair hasn't yet been moved to renderosity but you can find it here

Sandra Hair Salterdesign's refit:

IB hair for M4 (noncomm)
Slic Hair M4 (noncommercial)

Furrette 2.1 Ziggy Hair
House Mouse add-on: Bushy Tail
Posable Horse Tail
Transmapped Horse Mane

mayuta's Man's Hair F1 M3,H3,D3

Futepen's Like Hair Set and Long Hair for Sera

Propschick's Aditi Hair V4,A4,G4


Capri Glamour Hair for Angela 1.0
Cameo Glamour Hair for Angela 1.0
Audrey Glamour Hair for Angela 1.0

Manga Doll Hair Package 1

sweetRomantica free Hair

Aleona Hair V4

MineFujiko's Mifuyu_Hair

Uzilite's (Wusamah's) Super Hero includes hair (noncommercial use)


2. DYNAMIC HAIR Adam Thwaites
dynamic hair for V4

Dynamic Hair for M3 (4 styles) & Dynamic Hair for V3 (12 styles)
For Poser 5/6 (will not work for D|S)

Materials for dynamic hair. bottom of list

PHILC's archive:
Among many (many,...) other items you can find:
- royalty free SKULLCAPS: for V1/V2 and M2 + another set for V3/M3.
These skullcaps allow you to make dynamic hair (P5 and up).
- One conforming hair for V1/V2: Square Dance Hair.

Hawker Hair prop for the Punk in V4. Poser 6 and higher, uses the hair room strand based hair.
MoHawk Hair cut for the Troll, P5 or higher.
Redneck Hair prop for the Troll P5 or higher.

Iroquois Punk Hair P5 hair
Four different kinds of iroquois punk hair. Includes poses to position the hair for Posette 4, Judy, Don, Dork 4, Girl, Mike 3, Steph 3, and Vicky 1-3.
Search for hair - it get's you:
P5 Slick Hair for Victoria! (Colm), P5 Modern Bob Hair for Victoria (Colm), P5 High Res Skullcap for LaRoo (Colm), FREE POSER 5 HAIR MATERIALS (colm), 70's Tacky Perm for Mike P5 hair (Colm)

Freaky Hair for that Wolverine Look

LunarBerry P5Aikohair - Original Aiko

Corvas !Kai!M4 DynamicHair

Little_Dragon's Cerinian Vixen -- Dynamic Tail Fur

NanetteTredoux' Governess hair for Posette

Petra Schmietendorf's
Strubbelkopp with morphs for Mavka

KaiZ's Jiggy-Hair for V4


abacus3d HAIR Colours CREATOR - Poser

Textures for 3dzone BUN HAIR (work on the 3dzone Hiro short style hair too)
are available at

butterfly_fish's textures
Strike Long Hair
RO1 Hair
April's Jamie Hair

Varnayrah has some lovely textures for April's Amarseda hair at: scroll to about middle of page
Varnayrah's 20 colors for the Hairprop that comes with Morris' Alexandre

Wenke's textures for
Addition Hair BunHair Gloria Hair Marisandra Katsaro/mairyr7Curls Neftis August Leah Hair Yamato's MokoHair A3 The3DZones PixieHair April's Frizzed Head Lady LittleFox Hairs April's Spiral Curls SumireHair BabyDollHair SWAM's Nytro & Glycerine Hair A3 MangaHair XinXinHair A3 Ponytail

Studio Maya's Cecile Cut, Studio Maya's Hair Tex, Aiko 3 Ponytail, 3Dream Classic Cut, 3Dream Ponytail, DW Hand Maiden Hair, Kozaburo Koyoko Hair, Kozaburo LongHair Evolution, Kozaburo Long Hair, Kozaburo Messy Hair, Kozaburo Ponytail, Koz Short Hair Evolution, Kozaburo UpDo, Moko Hair (TenTen for Vic), Razored Moffitt Hair, Razzle Dazzle Hair, Real Vic Ponytail, Sassy Hair (1), Starlight Updo, Very French Hair, Vic Changing Ponytail, Wild & Messy Hair

Trendy Tips Collection - Amiel 15 Solid colors and 15 tipped colors for Amiel hair from DAZ.
And 7 new colors for Flexy hair by Bice and Outoftouch. Flexy Hair is available as the May Freebie in the renderosity newsletter.
and Colors for Holly Hair from Lisbeth. Holly Hair is available as the March Freebie from the Renderosity Newsletter. This pack contains 12 Shades and 6 Style Presets.
and Free Valentines Day Haircolors for AprilYSH's Uzuri Hair.

Softcris' Toon style Hair textures for 3Dream's Pony Tail & Yamato's Sumire A3 Hair:

blutm8's Hair textures for Daz Fair Fae hair, Swam's Vogue Hair, & Ajax Tentacle Hair (Daz Free Archive):

There are textures for a number of hairs, including special one's for christmas giveaways that have been done each year. There are also props, clothes and skin textures.
Real textures for Koz long, Fantasy textures for Koz long, Real textures for Koz short bob, Fantasy textures for Kozaburo's Short Bob, Fantasy textures for Koz All back, Real for HFP Aredhel Hair, Dark magic for HFP Aredhel hair, Nature for HFP Aredhel Hair, Fantasy textures for HFP Aredhel Hair, Fantasy for Nyoko Hair, Textures for Full & Feathered and Fantasy Beard, Real for Full & Feathered and Fantasy Beard, Real textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair, Fantasy textures for Kozaburo's Messy Hair, Real for AprilYsh Horsetail hair, Fantasy textures For Horse tail hair, Real textures for Kozaburo's Long Hair Evolution, Realistic for August Hair, Fantasy for August Hair, Vacasoft Celebration 2010 - Day 1 - Celeb for Caleb Hair, Vacasoft Celebration for Kishka Hair, Celebration for Posh Hair, Celebration for Koz Long Hair, Celebration for Mon Chevalier Hair, Celebration for M4 LongBeard. Celebration for Koz Kyoko Hair, Celebration for Mitsu Hair, Celebration for Xin Xin Hair, Celebration for Koz Ponytail, Celebration for Koz Short Hair Evo, Celebration for Lollipop Hair

Toon Hair Colours, More Stylz for Sadie HairStylz, Uzuri Shades, Mature Sassy, Mature Kozaburo, Mature Kozaburo UpDo, Mature Holly, Mature Rievel, Christmas Cheer for Pixie Hair

Varnayrah Portia Hair
(both files are required)

Choco Spirited free Expansion

Revival for bowl cut hair, All New for WASG hair, Tales set for Nyoko pigtail, Revival Dazzle, Revival for Allback hair, Styles for Miki2 hair, Revival Galactic Princess Hair, Revival for Slinky Hair, Get Real for Annika Hair, Get Real for Horsetail hair

DiYanira Fantasy colours for Verona hair:

Midnightmoondesigns Mitsu Hair colours:

Mylochka's Textures for April YHS's Jamie Hair

michy's hair textures for quite a few free and paid for hair (noncommercial) as well as some hairs that she made (also non commercial)

Natural colors for Koz Hairs:

Koz Messy, LongEvo, SapphireFox, Mitsu, BunHair, Lydia, Sylphiad, SassyHair, Alanis, MyLady


Kimber Textures for Sassy Hair 2, Ultimate Changing Ponytail, & Wedge Cut 2, and 14 universal textures

fwpublishing ForbiddenWhispers'
A number of hair textures for mostly free hairs

3D Runtime (requires registration)
A few hair textures available, they also offer the Aidita Hair that was a renderosity freebie last summer

pyerflyrenders (tequila) V4Knit Cap Textures

Didda's Home Knit for V4KnitCap

Just Last Knight Hair Colours for 3D Universe' Ranger Hair

Xen0phage1013 Red Head for Mars Hair

Anniebel Toon Hair Colours

RAMWolff Valens Hair Expansion

winteryvonne200 ValensHair Texture

Beatrice Valens Hair Revisited

RAMWolff Hermes Hair texture expansion pack

Beatrice KiriTe - Revisited - Taster

Countess ToxicGnomie

Realmling's seamless hair materials

Angelique toon hair shader for DS:

Rainbow Colors for Yanet Hair

A number of textures for mostly free hairs.

KittenPoetrix' Freaky Flexy for Flexy Hair

Shox has made a number of textures for free and paid for hairs, she has two locations for these textures, both require registration in order to download these.

Odaa / odadune's
Wavy Dynamic Stephanie textures for Optitex Stephanie Hair


BWSman Sally Mae Hair DS2 MATs

MSTene MST FreeHair Texture Resource

atrion666 Wild and Messy in blue (diffuse settings)

Fredi Hartmann Hair Texture for "Koz-Shortbob"

Little_Dragon's F2 Ziggy Hair MATs

Salterdesign's Poser Mats for Mareek's Sweet Hair

Colors - Sapphire Hair Textures and fit for V4
Colors for Marisandra Hair - 3 MATs - Sampler
Colors - Trixie Hair Textures
DAZ Melody Hair Textures

jorgeluso's Textures
All Time Hair (3Dream and Mairy)

Koz Short Hair


Koz Rei Hair

JL Koz Alice Hair

Koz Wave Hair

Kybele Hair

JL Kosmos Hair - 60 fresh colors

Fenrissa's 10 colors for Delia Hair

Fenrissa's 10 colors for Chiva Hair

Judee's textures

Menka's textures

Touchable Galatea *Requested* Part 01
Touchable Galatea *Requested* Part 02
Touchable Elleth

liquidanime Childs Play for Magenta Hair

ColoredFluffyHair for Mirabilis FluffyHair

viciouscircle's Sixus1 Dwarvez Hair Textures

Paris65 Hair-MT5 files

Beauty Valens Hair
Beauty Hongyu┬┤s Hair
Beauty for Aziqo's KnitCap with Hair
Beauty Bob Hair for the free Bob Hair from Mark003.
Beauty Espresso Hair Basicpack
Beauty Espresso Hair Add On


surreality's textures

Draagonstorm's Braids for Sylphiad Hair

Silver's ToXic Woodland Dream

SaHaNi Textures for Flo Hair


LiquidAnime's V4 hairfits
The first file includes fits for Jada Hair, Shaine Hair, Ultimate Hair, WedgeCut 2.0, and Kozaburo's Long Hair Evolution and Long Hair. The second file has fits for Miki Hair, Montero Hair, and Kozaburo's Shortbob, Short Hair Evolution, and Messy Hair.

Pneuma's hair fits for aiko and hiro and millbaby

Refits of the Kozaburo Hairs to Britta
Refits of various freebie hairs to M3
Refits of various freebie hairs to ApolloMax
MATs for the Poserworld Apache Hair
Refits of the W.a.s.g Hair to various figures
MATs and refits for the A4 BandanaHair

Salterdesign - Minx
Wasg Hairstyles and Wasg Surfer Dude Hairstyles
Jamie Hairstyles for M3 & M4 Includes 10 styles and 2 resets
Fluffy Hairstyles for Mirabilis Fluffy Hair
Renella Hair 11 Morphs, plus a flatten top morph & fit for V4

efindel Wasg Hair + Adds a new "Style-BangsBack" morph to Wasg Hair.

Wenke (Poserheaven)
AnimeDoll Hair Fits
Koshini Hair Fits
MayaDoll Hair Fits
Teresa Hair Fits

Wenke (Poserheaven)
NearMe hair fits

Sparky's conversion of Mitsu hair into a conforming hair:

Sparky's refits for M3
Radiant Jaguar Hair, Strike Long Hair, Zeony Hair, AnimeB25 Hair, Stefany Hair, Hot Luca hair, Mitsu hair, La Sombra Hair, Flexy Hair, Annika Hair, Amarseda Hair, Jolie Fille Hair, Arizona Hair, Wild & Messy Hair, Pregipessa Hair, Renella Hair, Fair Fae Hair, Long Story hair, Wildcat Hair, Destiny Hair, Slick Hair, Allura hair

Sparky's A4 Long Hair Refits for the DAZ Males

efindel's August Hair++ morphs

efindel Boy Hair Fit to M4

efindel Boy Hair Fit to Apollo Maximus

efindel Michael's Fantasy Beard Fit to M4

efindel's Apollo Maximus Fit for Michael's Fantasy Beard

efindel Messy Hair++ new morphs, and fits V4, M4, and AM

Fivecat Ranger hair morphs:

Lillyanna-Windmane's hair fits for Gnomie hair
for V3, Laura, Sadie
for A3
for Maddie

katastrophe BoyHair Refits for DAZ Generation 3

katastrophe Caramel Refits for A3 (realistic & toon), Apollo Maximus, M3, V3, DAZ Preschoolers

Neftis' hair fits for M4

PropsChick A4/A3 Fits for Lilli Hair

Bice and Outoftouch Hair fits for The Girl4

Sazzyazzca (KerWar) V4 hair fits (DazStudio only):

\V4_HAIR_FITS\Various\ V4_AprilSH_SHIMADA_V3, , V4_BP_BETTYPAGE, , V4_CC_HAIR, , V4_Chloe, , V4_JOELEGECKO_PINUP, , V4_MAGIX_VR, , V4_Miki_Chelle, , V4_Norientin, , V4_RAPSODY_v3, , V4_RAVENMOHAWK, , V4_RWaller_Roz

V4_Maya_AnimeFlip-vic, , V4_Maya_Bandanna, , V4_Maya_BobHair, V4_Maya_CCut, V4_Maya_FlipStyle, V4_Maya_MD1Casquette, V4_Maya_MDBob, V4_Maya_RastaStyle, V4_Maya_RobinHair, V4_Maya_RollHair1, V4_Maya_RollHair2, V4_Maya_ShortCut, V4_Maya_Simple, V4_Maya_SpiralTwinTail, V4_Maya_StraightHair, V4_Maya_TwinChignonVic, V4_Maya_TwinTail, V4_Maya_WesternHatnHair, V4_Maya_WildTail_Vic, V4_Maya_YunaHair

V4_Neftis_VeryFrench, V4_Neftis_pompadour_v3

V4_Mylochka_Alterra, V4_Mylochka_Angela2, V4_Mylochka_DrouPrincess, V4_Mylochka_Lady_Jane, V4_Mylochka_Lovey2, V4_Mylochka_Thug

V4_Lisbeth_ARIANA_v3, V4_Lisbeth_Paris


V4_KOZ_WAVE, V4_Koz_Updo2

V4_icho-gaeshi, V4_tsubushi-shimada, V4_umanoo, V4_wareshinobu, V4_yuiwata

V4_DAZ_Alia_v3, V4_DAZ_CuffedTailV_, V4_DAZ_Geisha, V4_DAZ_LooseComb_v3_, V4_DAZ_Nyoko,
V4_DAZ_Nyoko01_, V4_DAZ_Nyoko01_fit_realistic, V4_DAZ_Nyoko_fit_realistic, V4_DAZ_RazzleDazzle_, V4_DAZ_Starlight_Updo, V4_DAZ_TiedTailV_, V4_DAZ_WedgeCut_v3, V4_Madelyne

V4_DAZ_Georgia, V4_DAZ_Ginger

mmalbert's M4 Fit & Cool Cap Styles (DS only) for aziqo's KnitCap

Mankaho's fits:
Hr-41 for M4, Girl4, Hr-39 for Hiro4, Hr-33 for M4, Hr-25 for M4, Hr-28 for M4

Pidgisplanet's hair fits:
Kozaburo Short Bob for Maddie, PSGirl, Laura
Kozaburo Long Hair Evolution for Maddie
Marini Cap, Tentacles and Hair for Maddie

Pidgi's Planet Kids 4 fits for Kozaburo : all back, short bob, short hair evolution, long hair evolution, messy hair; anika hair and juni hair.

mmalbert's Scraps-Hair Fits for M4, V4, H4, M3, D3 (DS only)
V4 - Alicia, All Back Hair, Annika Hair, Bliss Vision, Brad Hair, Erin Hair, Hr-011, Koz's Ponytail, Kurt Hair, Long Hair Evo, Maria Hair, Pregipessa, Samil's BW Hair, Short Bob, Short Hair Evo
Michael 4 - Agent Hair, Alicia, All Back Hair, Anders Hair, Bandage Hair, Bliss Vision, Brad Hair, Egypt Hair, Hr-011, Kurt Hair, Laques hair, Long Hair Evo, Ranger Hair, Renee Hair, Wedge Cut
Hiro 4 - Bandage Hair, Boy Hair, Laques Hair, Messy Hair
M3 - Boy Hair, Egypt Hair, Laques Hair
David - Boy Hair

Arien's M4/G4/Alexa 2 fits for Sayuri and Belle Arum Hairs

Jean-Jacques Roh's
Fits for the free August Hair
Morphs for the A4-Bandana Hair
Fits for the A4-Bandana Hair
Hairs fits for Sadie,Kozaburo hairs,Kozaburo-hairs
Hairs Fits for Sadie : DAZ hairs
Hairs Fits for Candy : The3DZone
Hairs fits for Candy Vol2
Hairs Fits for Sadie : FK Designs

fabiana KiriTe Fit to Kids4

Realmling Lady Jane Hair - Fit for Kids4

V4 Fits for
3Dream Pony Tail, 3Dream Short Cut, AgentHair, Adventure Hair, Atlantic Hair, Classic Cut 2, Egypt Hair, Future Hair, History Hair, Paradise Hair, Lux Hair, Natural Hair 2, USC
A4 Fits for
3Dream Pony Tail, 3Dream Short Cut, AgentHair, Adventure Hair, Atlantic Hair, Classic Cut 2, Egypt Hair, Future Hair, History Hair, Paradise Hair, Lux Hair, Natural Hair 2, USC, Diva Hair V4, Glorious Hair V4, Sensual Hair V4
Kids4 Hair Fits for
Aether, Alkyone, Almatheia, Amphitrite, Bandua, Bolina, Erato, Eudora, Frovida, Galatea, Glaukia, Hermes, Hesperia, Kybele, Lethe, Leto, Nabia, Nefeli, Pallene, Pasithea, Rhene, Zephyrus
P8 Alyson
P8 Ryan

Kemp Sparky Cool Coils Mil4 Refits V4, Michael 4, A4, Hiro 4, and the Kids 4

WERTS Tweaky Hairstyle for M4 - two headmorphs, working with the original M4 Texture (Noncommercial)

92 Hair fits for the Kids4
99 hair fits for Kids4 Chibi
Hair Fit Poses for Chip
Hair Fit Poses for Cookie
FIT pack for Vila
Hair Fits for Mavka
Hair Fits for Dennis, Kiki, Kit

Colors, Styles and Fits for Simple Hair,-Styles-and-Fits-for-Simple-Hair
30 Hairfits for Cookie

goblinmarket (Fisty) StephanieBT/Daz original Skull Cap prop for Grace V4 fitted to Kids4

atrion666 M3 Pullback hair by Mylochka: M4 Fit

atrion666 Slickback hair (willsmind 20's gangster suitpack): M4 fit

RoxanneJ DazStudio Heartbeat Hair Small Morph


andolaurina's Expansion for Mareek's Sylwester Hair 2.0

Lesbentley (lesbentley)
Kozaburo UpDo2 Antonia Fit Pose
Antonia fit for Kozaburo's "PonyTail Hair"

PitKlad HairFits 4 Nea
Utility poses to shape Nea's head so that hair made for V2, V3 & V4 will fit better
Those pose will also position the prop hairs but for character hairs you must move the hair manually.
In some cases some manual adjustment is needed


Efindel's make hair fall in a natural way with V4's head tilted back DazStudio

Kozaburo's Hair Tutorial

Valea's Hair in Hexagon:

Painting Hair for Poser Renders

How to draw hair tutorials by leejun35

Painting fur

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