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Post by Calie on Sat May 28, 2011 3:57 pm

Dynamics is a wonderful tool that allows you to make your scenes more realistic. Basically, dynamics allows you to control the fluid movement of things like fabric, water, hair, anything that is affected by movement and make it look more natural. When a woman in a dress sits down, the dress drapes according to how her body is positioned and the item she is sitting on, dynamics allow this natural drape to happen. The same thing goes for the wind blowing hair or the way water falls from a cliff or moves along a creek or river. In the real world these are fluid movements. I can't explain what a dynamics engine is or explain how it operates, I can only explain the effect it has on your scene.
It must be known that each program can only use the products made for that program when it comes to dynamics. For instance, you can not use a dynamic dress made for poser in the daz program and vise versa. this is something that has been very frustrating to me and I'm sure for others as well. Now I have had success in using a poser dynamic dress in daz by simply moving the item as I see fit and end up with a passable render, yet it does not have the fluid movement dynamics would give you and does not always work with all items. It's hit or miss what you will succeed in being able to do and that goes for any program.

In this section I will include threads with links to tutorials, items and programs that relate to dynamics. Whenever possible I will give you the results of any testing I have done with programs and items so you will know what to expect from them. If you wish to push your limits with your renders and animations and incorporate realism then dynamics is definitely worth investing the time and money (there are many free items out there) in this type of program or plugin and the many dynamic items.

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