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Post by Calie on Sun May 22, 2011 12:32 am

PFD is Poser for Dummies, though it has grown significantly since then and incorporates many of the 3D programs out there. The site was created by Deni when, a number of years ago, she bought Poser and had a hard time figuring out how it worked, or finding tutorials or anyone to help her with it. Along with some friends, they helped each other and created a site to help others, as well as to learn from new members. I have been a member of PFD for some years now and have seen its growth and the transformations from a simple forum with a few people to what it is today. Now they have a forum, a gallery to showcase members art, a store for their creations and those of their members, they now offer challenges, contests and freebies. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings of a struggling beginner of 3D Graphic Art.
One of the things I commend this site on is the fact they do not let you give up while you are learning, they are very encouraging and most of the members will help those who want to learn. As the title says, Posers for Dummies, they believe in giving plain english help, along with pictures and video, and will explain things dozens of times until you catch on to what needs to be done.
Members are from all over the globe, all different levels of experience and different types of programs. Whatever you need help with, there is probably someone there who can give that help.

This is a site you need to join and it is free. When you are applying, make sure you put a message in the box explaining why you are joining or who recommended you.

You will want to click the first banner for the forum and join that before checking the other banners.

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