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Curtains On A Budget Empty Curtains On A Budget

Post by Calie on Sat May 21, 2011 1:01 am

Curtains can be expensive depending on what you are looking for, certainly the elegant ones that pool on the floor lending one to believe in their expense. Well it's possible to get the same look without the same costs. The answer is sheets. Depending on the size of the window, you only need two twin or double sized flat sheetss. You should be able to buy the individual sheets instead of sets in most department stores.

The standard measurements for a tiwn sheet are 66"x 96" or 66" x 102" for extra long twin or 8ft to 8 1/2ft long.
The standard measurements for a double sheet are 87" x 102" or 8 1/2ft long
The standard measurements for a queen sheet are 105" x 110" or 9ft long
The standare measurements for a king sheet are 110" x 114" also he same measurements for a california king size or about 9 1/2ft long

I might be off by one or two inches on the length in feet due to the fact searching through google would only give me inches and centimeters and not feet for the Due to the many colors, patterns and thickness of the various sheets out there, you can find just about any look you like and match to any room or decor you may have to give your home a more polished look. If you check online for the various types of window dressings out there, you could probably match it with sheets. You can have layers, swags, whatever you like.

Once you have your sheets, all you need to do is open up each end of the sheets top, sewing down the seam for a finished look, so you can get a rod through and hang them up. SIDE can also use them for a swag look across the curtains you hang.

Now with the measurements in hand, you can decide how long and how full a look you want for your window. Now I personally do not sew the sheets together to give myself just two curtains for the widow. I like the look of those two center pieces tied and the end pieces ties by the sides of the window...or you can use the decorative hooks provided for that more elegant and expensive look for tiebacks.

For a more matched look, you can buy matching pillow cases and make cushions out of them for your furniture or to toss around the room.


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