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Post by Calie on Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:59 pm

RuntimeDNA is a great site for freebies.  They have a zero priced section of their store, a freebies section in the forums and the weekly newsletter freebie.  Lucky for us, the newsletters are archived and many of the links still work.  The link below takes you to the archived section of the newsletters, don't forget to check out the Old Editions section as well for most of them.  The name you are looking for so you don't click a lot of threads that don't lead to the freebies is "Runtime DNA Inc. Chronicle #".  Once you click on it, it will open and you will see a page that is faded and has a black banner to click to read, that opens to the right page and you scroll down to find the freebie.  Just about all of Travellers freebies will still download straight from that page, others will take you to the store where it's hit or miss if they still are free.

Bare in mind only pages 1 thru 13 will still have working links.

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