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Post by Calie on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:21 pm

Someone over at Deviant Art was kind enough to show how to improve the textures you use on items in Daz Studio. Mostly this relates to clothing, however, the same concepts applies to anything that uses a texture. If you look closely at clothes in real life, you will notice most are not flat and smooth, the fabric has a textured weave to it. The most obvious example are sweaters, which is readily seen by the naked eye. Other fabrics are not that obvious. If you look at silk, we all know how smooth it is and it has a sheen, but on closer inspection, you will notice the fabric is woven threads. Now in most 3D renders, you are not going to notice such things, as the distance from the item is no different then in real life...the closer you get, the more you will see the texture of the fabric. How close you need to be depends on the fabric. Some fabrics you recognize due to the sheen or lack there of, as each fabric will give a different look, such as leather. You can create the same thing in 3D renders. Below is the link to some tutorials that explain how to get that realistic look as it appears to be just like real fabric. You can also use these tutorials when it comes to stone, or furniture or anything else that, in real life, is not perfectly smooth.

The first 4 tutorials are what explain textures, but feel free to check the others out as well.


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