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Post by Calie on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:00 pm

I have made advances over time with using 3D products and want to share with others. On this forum I will explain, in detail and with pictures (taking my cue from the extreme dummy thinking) how to do certain things, as well as an explanation of how to use certain tutorials that, in my mind, confuse a dummy.

Everyone is capable of using 3D software and becoming wonderful artists themselves, the only thing holding them back is #1 Themselves and #2 How some tutorials are written. Some tutorials, though claim to be easy to understand, somehow end up making you feel like you need a University Degree just to understand plain English and their idea of using pictures or video leave a lot to be desired. Some tutorials are wonderful, yet having them online might be a problem for some and I have solutions for that as well.

So in ending, check out the following posts and see if they are of use to you.

***Note*** If you come across any broken links please let me know, simple post on this thread so I will notice it.

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