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Post by Calie on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:39 am

I did some searching for freebies relating to Easter. What I looked for was stuff both for the kids at heart with bunnies, treats, the works, as well as covering the religious aspects.

You do need to be registered and logged in to get freebies at Renderosity, Sharecg and Runtimedna

First up is Adam Thwaites Make Your Own Egg, it's a blank that's mapped and ready for texturing.

Then Runtime DNA has their free egg by Traveller.

As well as the recently release Henrietta Heart Hen

This is a basket with choco bunny and egg

This is bunny ears (also cat ears in the package)

Another Easter Egg for a challenge they had a while back.

And finally Trippy...the egg that's

For the religious aspects I found two crosses that can be used for crucifixion|Studio

Here is a Faberge Easter Egg

David DeChamp made an easter bunny...though I think I would be scared if this one showed up, but with the magic of postwork that could be fixed easily

Although this is the dead bunny, with the right textures and atmosphere, it can be an easter bunny

Here is another basket with bunny and goodies

Corvus created a Hare that might be useable, again with texturing and postwork

Here is a bunny model both 3ds and obj and fully rigged, just needs some loving

More easter eggs...seems to be an endless supply of one includes a chocolate egg like what you buy in the store

EvilInnocence also got on the egg band wagon with their version

Here we have another cross with ropes to bind instead of nails, includes poses for M4 V4 M3 V3

Another basket with choco bunny and eggs

This is a hat with bunny ears, originally made for the alien, yet can be used with other models, can also make the hat invisible and use just the ears, don't know if they are bendable.

I don't know how this can be used for Easter, thought I would add it anyway, it's an egg chair with bunny

This is a headband with bunny ears, much like the kind you would buy in a store

This is a bunny suit originally for the MilBaby3, though could probably be made to fit K4 or even genesis with a little manipulation and postwork.

This is a bunch of stuffed toys that include a rabbit, as well as bear and reindeer.

Ok I had a heck of a time locating this, France has a bunch of props relating to the Crucifixion and Jesus rising from the dead, has a tomb and a cross with thorns and other stuff, so those who wish to make images relating to religion for Easter will now have the props to do so.
I don't know how long these will be available as I just found out that France has passed away this morning.

Hedd made a crown of thorns for use in any religious images people might want to make regarding Easter. Mind you it can also be used in other types of images as well, so don't limit your imagination.
You will need to be registered to access this unless it's moved to the freebie section of this site.

I wasn't sure it was till available, yet I found Drakelots Tony...the bugs bunny look alike, there are several versions depending on which version of program you use so you can make sure you have the one you can work with, the latest version is weightmapped. You can find this here...

Not sure how many will be interested in this little guy, I guess he can be made to look sweet with the right texture, just not sure how the eye can be put back in place, I saw no morph listed for that so I am thinking maybe someone will come up with one. is the zombunnie (really don't think a zombie bunny is truly an easter type guy, yet Dracula was also misunderstood and now vampires are considered good...well some of them are.)
You will need to be a registered member (its free) and be logged in to get this guy.

I found another cross for use in the religious pictures, looks to be pretty good.

Well I think that about covers it. I will try to endeavor to add all Easter related stuff and only Easter related stuff to this thread.

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For Easter Empty Re: For Easter

Post by Calie on Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:15 pm

Recently made free to the public is this adorable hat for MilBaby3. The ears are poseable and you could probably adjust it to fit other models.

As an extra for Easter, a texture set for several items, including the new freebie hat for MilBaby3. Only the hat is free, you have to buy the rest of the products to use this texture set.

A new free stand alone model has a couple items for Easter. Pippin has a bunny suit and and two piece egg. The following links will take you to the freebie's and the model they're made for.
Pippins Basket...

Easter Freebies for Pippin

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